Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Jude has Gymboree play and learn at 1pm! I am excited and cannot wait to see him ......... well sit! He is only 3 months so he wouldn't be doing much... even without his neurological issues, but I am hoping the bright colors will be good for him. I will add to this blog when I return from his lesson. I also put a call into the neurologists office today about getting a prescription for therapy for Jude at Cooks. I think this will be beneficial, and I am waiting to hear back from them. I also heard from Emily's counselor at school that they are pulling her out of class for the first time today for a little talk. So I guess life is moving right a long like it should. It seems that no matter what your circumstance is life really never slows down, and I guess it really shouldn't. I will update when we get back.

** update ~ Jude LOVED Gymboree play time.... I was just amazed. He giggled and smiled more than I have ever seen him smile. He especially loved when the teacher played her tambourine and sang. Although please make note that Jude does not like! He kept sticking his bottom lip out every time a bubble floated near him. Mike and I did get a little upset at one point because they were doing a tracking the ball exercise. Jude did not track his ball while all the other kids did. So we both had to remind ourselves that we cannot get upset while Jude is doing therapy. The ladies at Gymboree were wonderful when we explained Jude's issue, and were really praising him with every lesson. He loved it any time any of us clapped for fact he thought that was hilarious. So we will now go to Gymboree on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and we will also incorporate in Cooks therapy. Jude did have a seizure when we first arrived for his lesson, but Mike seems to have found a pressure point on his head that helps soothe the seizure some. We are going to look into that with the doctor and a therapist we know to see if there is any relevance in that. Maybe accupressure will help?!?!? We are going to take Em on Saturday with us to Gymboree because she will just LOVE playing teacher and helping Jude with the puppets and such.

The cutest thing was watching Mike sing these silly kid songs and just love every minute of it with Jude. He melts my heart:
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Linda said...

Awwww fun!!!!! Reading this made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast! I have a 3 1/2 month old that has just started laugh....... just a couple of times actually and is still not rolling over! He's bypassed her with those milestones...... what a cutie!