Monday, December 22, 2008

Jude played and interacted with me!

So last night I was sitting with Jude on the couch and he kept lifting his hand up to my face. Sometimes we are unsure what is a spasm, and what is normal baby movement. Hence the reason most people don't catch infantile spasms until later on in a child's life. Anyway, I kept acting like I was going to kiss his hand all over, or "eat it up" when he placed it near my mouth. He started really smiling, and the hand kept coming back so I kept playing. I told Mike I thought Jude was doing this motion on purpose, and Mike looked at me with doubt. Suddenly Jude squealed with laughter, and I labeled it the pterodactyl squeal. Mike started laughing, and seemed so proud that Jude was responding to me.
Last night was rough though because Jude kept waking up, but wouldn't fully wake. He did that baby shifting that you hear where they grunt, and move. I tried putting him in the bed, putting him in the bassinet, laying him on Mike, etc but nothing seemed to work permanently. Luckily though he would sleep about an hour and then shift again. I have noticed that his hands get very very cold at night so I am having Mike ask the doctor about circulation issues from the medication. Mike also called the doctor today about the fact he is still having up to four seizures a day. The nurse said that it could be because he is still a little sick, but I honestly feel like it's because the medicine isn't working fully. He isn't that sick just a stuffy nose which I use the bulb syringe on. Poor Jude has this "hurt feelings" cry now when you suck out his nose. It's one of those cries that makes you feel bad, but you cannot help but smile because they are really trying to sound miserable......with no tears. We still have our ups and downs regarding this situation, but we are adapting. Mike told me this weekend that he mourns the loss of the little football player son, etc but love Jude so much anyway. He then said how he realized there is a little girl in the other room that still needs him to help her with softball. It's a realization of how life moves on, and how love is unconditional.

Anyway, we are really missing Emily, but I know she is having fun with her dad.

Have a good day all.

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Mara said...

How wonderful ! He knows his mommy : )