Friday, December 5, 2008

**** update ****

Well it's been a crazy morning. The pediatrician was calling the neurosurgeon because I couldn't get a hold of them. Then the pediatrician was calling me to tell us to go to the hospital because the neuro was not calling him back...sigh. Anyway, I finally heard from Cooks. They moved Jude's MRI up to 12/9 Tuesday at 6:30pm. Luckily they don't have to put him to sleep like they said they would. They simply said bring him tired and hungry. Anyway, the bad part is we won't receive the results until 12/17 or 12/19. Even then the results may be the same results we have received since I was 18 wks pregnant...."we don't know what the results from Jude will be". Anyway, so I informed my boss I may be out a little. I am not sure he was thrilled, but he understood. Mike said he has observed Jude pulling his head to his chest several times today and recorded it. I just hope Jude can live a normal life. I don't want him dealing with major developmental delays.

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PurpleQuilterQueen said...

So glad they are getting you in earlier than the original MRI. Best of luck. I'll say a few extra prayers for you! Please keep us updated. Jennifer