Monday, April 11, 2011


So we have marked Emily out of school until Wednesday. She has to be fever free for 24 hours and then she can go back to school. Then if he fever redevelops she will have ot stay home again. She basically has a doctors note that explains she may be in and out of school a lot over the next 3 weeks. I really do feel for her. She said "it's kinda like being grounded but I didn't do anything wrong". We had to cancel Em helping with the celebrity waiter banquet this Saturday that benefits the Child abuse prevention center in DFW. She was pretty upset but I assured her it's for the best. We don't want anyone from there getting sick. I don't think she would make it through the night anyway. She is also really worried we won't be able to go to Kentucky, but I assured her that's a month away.

Charlotte put a call into Jude's doctor. They said the norm regarding taking extra precautions and then stated they may put Jude on something as a precaution. We are guessing it will be something to boost his immune system.

It seems if we keep Em on Tylenol or Motrin then she does pretty well. So I gave her some before I left today and left her an omlet to eat. She didn't touch the egg but finally came downstairs and made herself a waffle. I guess you have to eat what sounds good. She seems in pretty good spirits just tired. I never had Mono so I cannot relate to her on this issue.  Mike is at home with her and a good friend brought her lunch which was super sweet!

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