Friday, April 8, 2011

Little stinker and a sick kiddo

Jude complained a few times last night. My guess is that he was hurting. The sedation keeps his eyes closed but he still whimpers to where we can hear him. He also started choking this morning about 5:45 and I was thankful that I heard him over his monitor. I moved him to his side and he was able to get past his issue. That was a bit scary since there was an obvious build of of saliva from the medication.

So last night Em was bending down to kiss Jude and hit her head on his toy and immediately broke out crying. I felt really bad for her because I knew it hurt so bad and you know what Jude did? LAUGHED! Several times at her. He then started using his little fist to poke her in the back of the head. I swear I saw a look in his eye like he knew what he was doing!

So poor Em is home sick with a fever and a sore throat. There is a really bad case of strep going around that is landing kids in the hospital. I am sure she will be fine but as a precaution other parents might want to be on the watch for this vicious bug. It acts quick.

I had the funeral to go to tomorrow but if Em is still down and out I may not be able to attend. I am hoping she is feeling better soon.

Last night I was taking a bath and I heard a noise outside my door. I said "Em" and I hear a meek "yes". She was sitting outside my bathroom door and poked her head in.
I said "what's wrong"
Em "nothing"
Me: "Are just sick and need mom"
Em: "yea"
and she proceeded to tell me all about her day while laying on the floor outside my bathroom door. It was pretty cute.

Also, I am in the running for a big Scentsy bonus for a sales excellence award. I have to sell a certain amount by 5/31. If you need any refills, are interested in hosting a in house, online, or basket party please let me know. I would GREATLY appreciate it.

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