Monday, April 18, 2011

Emily and Jude

Emily didn't make it to school today. The rash is still there and goodness knows Middle school can be hard enough without the ridicule from kids in regards to a rash. She is also coughing a lot again, but I still think she is feeling better. The plan is to send her to school tomorrow and see how long she lasts. The nurse has instructions to call us if she shows up in her office feeling bad. She is also out of any contact sports for the next three weeks.

So Jude has learned a new trick and it's really cute. When I say "let's play peek a boo Jude" he slowly raises his arm up to where it will cover his eyes. Sometimes I have to push his little arm down to say PEEK A BOO, or sometimes he will move it himself. It generally takes him a few minutes to calculate how to put his arm up, but he will eventually accomplish this task.

Mike is currently on his way to visit with Jude's elementary school. He will be calling soon to tell me about the home bound teacher and Jude's plan for the next year. He also talked to the powers that be regarding transportation for Jude if Mike works.

Thank you to all those that sent food and more while Emily has been sick. It's really helped!

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