Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tonight Jude took his first sedative prior to going to bed. We strapped his blood oxygen meter on because it made us feel better. So far he is holding steady at 96/114.

When I gave him the medication he seemed to whimper as his eyes fluttered and I felt terrible. I hate pain medication or any narcotics. Many people enjoy them.........but I don't. I hate feeling out of control ....and I wondered if he felt the same way. Soon he was asleep with a half smirk on his face so I am sure he is happy, but it still made me a bit sad tonight.


Reagan Leigh said...

What medication are you giving him to sedate him?? Just wondering...we're still looking for something (anything) that works for Reagan!!

Katy said...

Well, you also have normal brain chemistry. Many children with brain injury have trouble self-regulating. This may be just the ticket for Juders. Your his mama--you'll know if it's right or not.

Miracles Happen said...

That was one thing I never thought I would do was sedate my child at night. I fought it and fought it. Finally when we realized it was hindering his development and his advancing we found something that works. 3 years later I am still sedating my child. It works for us. It isn't fun but we know how important the REM is for their little brains.