Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emily update and more

I just got off the phone with Emily's school and submitted a homework request. I was hoping she would be able to go back to school this Wednesday with medication but it just isn't going to happen. Emily is literally miserable. I did discover a good way to get some meals into her and that is a Vanilla protein shake. My husband has the powder mix at home and she really likes them. I may even stop at the store tonight to see if I can find some that pack more calories that she likes. She is very finicky and will not drink Ensure, Pediasure, or anything like that. She honestly likes the sports drinks so I may be pickup up some Muscle Milk. Emily's fever had spiked up again this morning when I was leaving. She seemed rather non-chalant and said "It's always high in the morning". I called Emily's school this morning and explained there is no way she will be back this week. They have submitted a homework request and will look at home bound schooling if she misses more than three weeks. Luckily she had an A/B grade point average before this happened.

Mike and I got in a bit of a tiff last night about where Emily should be within the house. She spends most her time in her room. When I got home I washed her sheets so she came downstairs to eat. She has a mask she wears around and I follow where she sits with Lysol. Mono is only spread through saliva so Jude would have to actually ingest some of Emily's spit, cough, or sneeze. I am not saying it cannot happen, but I also don't think I can confine Emily to her room for weeks on end. It's just not emotionally or physically healthy. Of course, if Jude gets this there is a high probability it would be fatal. So I see how Mike is getting upset. I am torn as usual. Em and I would check into a hotel if I had the money, but honestly with the precautions we are now taking I doubt he would be exposed now. He was probably exposed before she even knew she was sick because she kisses on him. Let's just hope he doesn't get it.

I mentioned Em was pretty teary worried about our Kentucky trip. When they diagnosed her one of the first things she said was "Kentucky mom? what if I cannot go I really wanted to".  I was going to market my business and Em wanted to be in a pageant there. I am beginning to wonder if it will happen myself. There is no time to learn a new routine unless she studies via video. She will be broken HEARTED and I don't want to tell her we cannot go. She was so looking forward to it and it was just going to be she and I. Maybe it will work out?

So a friend of ours set up a little food drop off chain last night which was so sweet. At first I thought it was to much and Em wasn't that sick. Last night when I finally sat down at 9:30 after getting meals ready, washing sheets, and more I would have been VERY thankful for food......lol! So she is just so sweet. I am battling a headache today. I am sure it's from everything going on and will hopefully go away soon.

Anyway, not all is bad. Here is a video of Jude last night.........and the famous high pitched mommy voice.

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