Friday, April 29, 2011

The royals and the baby

Awww the royal wedding, it's finally here. As a little girl who just lost her mom I was glued to the TV when I was merely 8 years old watching princess Diana walk the aisle  to become the Princess of Wales. I was fascinated. Little did I know that he was not in love like she was and the fairytale would end in tragedy. Regardless I was a great admirer of Diana's and her lengthy charity work. So it's great to see her son marry someone he seems to truly love. I watched bits and pieces of the wedding today, but I have the entire event Tivo'd at home. I plan on spending my Friday night with the Royals!

So it seems that Mike, Charlotte, and myself have had a touch of a stomach bug. It also seems Jude may have caught it because he is throwing up today. Mike called earlier and I just heard Jude wailing in the background. I really want to be there to hold Jude while he is upset. It is hard to hear him cry when I am not around. I know he is in good hands, but it still makes me sad.

Mike is suppose to start his new job on Monday. We are praying all the finality's are put in place and that this is a done deal.

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