Friday, October 15, 2010

What a night

I actually really enjoyed my night with Jude last night. He was SO smiley for me, and only wanted mommy to hold him. This proved to be an issue when I was pricing additional garage sale stuff, but when I came back to get him he was so excited. We sat and watched TV for awhile until it was time for Jude to have his medications. The first medications went in fine, but then the melatonin wouldn't budge. We took the melatonin out, and flushed the line with water, but nothing. The pressure in the tube was horrible, and Jude was screaming, we were at a loss. We took the line out of the actual button, flushed it well, and then tried again......nothing. We can pumping the line up and down to try to release the clog......nothing. By the time Jude had calmed down, and gone to sleep so I knew he wasn't in pain. I figured if it was an emergency he would still be screaming. So I hopped on Facebook to ask for help, and Mike started reading the g button directions. I also put a call into the doctor. The doctor said the same thing my friend on Facebook said, try a little diet coke in the button to dissolve the clog.......really? So we tried that.......nothing. We tried everything.

So we decided jointly that Jude would go without a feed last night, and Mike would let the nurse try to solve the issue in the morning. If she couldn't handle it they would go to the ER. Jude was already asleep, and we didn't want to spend another night in the ER with all of us sleepless and sick. This morning Charlotte showed up, and she said she didn't feel comfortable removing the button without a replacement. The replacements were suppose to come today. So Mike put a call into the supply company.......and..........right then the whole button popped out! Thank goodness the nurse was there. I know this is something we will have to get used to, but putting that back in ourselves last night would have been frightening. The nurse was able to get everything back in, and even though Jude is livid right now, he will be better soon. So we are all tired again today, but at least we avoided the ER.

Poor Emily is tired too. She missed school on Wednesday because she wasn't feeling well. She came home with a lot more homework than she normally does, and was up until midnight finishing it all. Normally they limit the amount of homework she has. She looked very tired today. She still sported her mum, but I know she is dragging. She is suppose to have play rehearsals again tonight. She already went twice this week, and homecoming is tonight so I gave her permission to skip the rehearsals tonight. Maybe not the best choice, but a kid can only have so much on their plate.


Jennifer said...

Her mum looks so cute on!

jocalyn said...

ugh...i would have freaked out. the button falling out is my worst nightmare! i take it you didn't get the mini one non balloon? i hear the mickey is pretty easy to learn how to replace at home though. good luck! i'm sure you'll be a pro in no time.