Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The dinner, and more

It's been a very busy week at work, sorry for the delay in posting today.

Our anniversary dinner was wonderful, and the food was scrumptious. It was strange being away from the house at night with Mike without a lot of worries. We knew Charlotte was back at the house taking great care of Jude. We are very thankful she has come into our lives. So at the end of our meal we ordered desert. I never get desert, but love it, so we splurged. We ordered the desert "sampler" thinking it would be four small samples of some yummy items they offer. Oh but no, this was four full size deserts staring at us on a beautiful plate with the words "happy anniversary". I took a bite of the bread pudding, then a bit of the chocolate torte, then a bite of the cream brulee, and then settled on the black raspberry chocolate truffle ice cream. The ice cream was WONDERFUL! So I ate about half my bowl of ice cream....and my EVERYTHING ELSE! Plus, the rest of my ice cream. I could hear the waitress laughing as I said "you are going to be sick, and we better not go home with you whining and moaning" Below is a picture of our oh so beautifully created plate, and then my husbands spoon in the way before I could finish snapping my pictures.

I really appreciate all the nice comments, emails, and posts on here and facebook yesterday. I even received some cards from our nurse, therapists, and thoughtful! I have such amazing friends that truly understand how difficult these past two years have been. A tragic situation can shed new low statistics on a marriage making it. I am determined Mike, and I will beat the odds.
When we went home Jude was alright. He seems a bit distant since his button came out. I think it's his teething again because as I had stated his seizures have greatly increased. He also is very lethargic. He isn't running a fever so we are not worried about infection. So I flipped him over on his tummy while I ran to put a load of laundry in. I came back to him trying to crawl again, and then he quickly fell fast asleep on his stomach. Jude was sporting his Morgans Wonderland T shirt that they sent to him with Emily's award. I think it's so cute!

Today Jude started back to therapy. It was his first session since his surgery, and he was cracking me up. His therapist said she noticed a lot more eye contact from him, and I have noticed that as well. The reason he made me laugh is because he kept staring at the little vibrating wand she uses to stimulate his mouth reflexes, like "just exactly what do you think you are doing with that thing". I actually caught him looking at her in that manner on film.

The eye contact is good, but the fact Jude won't touch objects is a bit sad. They worked, and worked with him today to reach, touch, or anything, but he just doesn't have that function yet. They sent us home with some very loud switch plate toys, and we are going to work with him everyday on them. They also have an IPAD coming into the facility, and said they would try to work with Jude on it. They are researching the best programs for IPAD, and will let me know more later. I am also going to make some large picture signs of our faces, and label them mom, dad, and sissy so he will learn the words.

That's all for now! I am craving some lemon drops...I may have to run to the store by my office. Those are low calorie, right?

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bab006 said...

If they need help with the iPad I would be happy to help.