Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny Mikey

Jude went to bed last night about 11pm, and got up about 1am. He quickly fell back to sleep, and then woke up again from 3am-6am. He didn't complain he was just wide awake, which caused me to be wide awake. So when they nurse got here at 7am, I was looking forward to laying back down for awhile. Mike came and crawled into the bed.

Me: Get outta my bed (giggling)
Mike: Fine, I will get my other girlfriend to make me some breakfast
Me: Ok
Mike: she will ya know, she will so, ok baby whatever you want
Me: Good for her
Mike: You don't love me
Me: Yes I do
Mike: If you loved me you would cook me breakfast
Me: If you loved me you would leave me alone so I can sleep. I will fix you lunch
Mike got up and walked to the door
Mike: I am going to die now, from lack of food
Me: Ok well do it quietly so I can sleep

It was all in good fun. He left, and I slept for a bit. Jude seems to be having a good day. He is still retching a lot, and coughing. The nurse is currently doing compression therapy on him in hopes that will help.


Reagan Leigh said... I don't want to sound pessimistic or negative but the gagging/retching is exactly what I heard many kids experience with the fundo. They can't throw up, so instead they just retch. It's the main reason we avoided it. I can't say that Reagan's any better off, but that was just our decision. Hope it gets better!

Cjengo said...

They really didn't give us a choice on it because Jude was aspirating on his vomit :(

sarah said...

How very typical of a Sunday morning! It sounds like Mike is much happier knowing that Jude is getting the nutrition he needs, and his currently being watched over by the nurse.

My hubby likes to *threaten* me with the "girlfriend" too. One day I am going to get him to take HER his dirty laundry ;)