Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1 Update

Mike called, and updated me early this morning. He said that Jude slept through the night, and has tolerated the continous feed without incident. I am so happy to hear this! He did say Jude got pretty upset this morning when he woke up, but they got him calmed down, and Jude went back to sleep. They did not get to the blood draw yesterday to look at his levels, so they did that this morning at 7am, and we are waiting on the results. They are looking at his seizure medication level, and to make sure he isn't showing signs of infection. We did find out they were giving him the generic form of one of his seizure medications which you cannot do with Jude, so they are getting that switched over. He will have breakthrough seizures, and his levels will change. Jude's neurologist came to see him last night, and he said as long as he doesn't have anymore prolonged seizures he is alright with leaving his medications the way they are. He believes like I do that the 3 hour seizure was because Jude's body was stressed.

After work I have to go get Emily from rehearsals, swing by the house, and then it's off to the hospital for the night.  They PICU said they would like Jude to use the bathroom prior to them releasing him to another room. Mike has asked for some miralax to help make that happen. We are hoping Jude gets to go to a regular room today, although the PICU has been amazing with Jude.

Smile boxes ready to go tonight!


jocalyn said...

miralax may not work right off the bat...but those glycerine suppositories are awesome!! morphine backs kendall up way more than normal!

glad you've made it through. it will all be down hill from here :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that the hospital stay has been a positive experience! Sounds like Jude is healing and that all is looking better! Hang in there and enjoy the snuggles this weekend as you hang out with Jude.