Monday, October 25, 2010

The weekend update

Friday night Emily had her very first dance at her school. She was so excited! It's hard to think back to my middle school years when everything was so new, and thrilling. I like watching her experience happy moments for the first time. It was a costume party so she, and her friends dressed up. Emily was Alice in wonderland. Her friend Maddie was the red queen, and Addison had claimed the Cheshire cat. Well it seems Addie didn't care for the cat when she saw the costume, so we had two red queens. When we originally drove up to the school they didn't see anyone else in costume, and they began to panic. I talked to them about being self confident, and walking in like you own the place. My speech didn't go over well, but luckily they saw someone else in costume. So here are some pictures.

Saturday we had been planning Emily's birthday shopping day. She had asked for money from the family for her birthday so she could buy clothes for school. So planned the dinner at the restaurant the day of her birthday, and then a shopping day Saturday. I was exhausted, but I strapped on my big girl boots, and out we went. We grabbed Emily's cousin Faith (they call each other fuzzins .... friends and cousins) and we met up with Auntie Fleck at a wonderful restaurant for brunch. Then out we went to watch Emily shop. We had a nice time!!

Sunday we had lifetime movie day! Emily, and I were suppose to go to an Emily's Smile Boxes event. Let me explain, our friends scheduled a birthday party for their little girls with an Emily's Smile Boxes theme. The moms had bought enough supplies to make 36 boxes at the party. They also requested that rather than gifts to bring a donation for Em's charity, and they set donation boxes up. The party raised more than $400, and they dropped all the made boxes at Medical City Dallas Children's tower. I thought it was a splendid idea, and I hope more parents will look into this. Teaching to give back at an early age instills compassion in our children. So the moms had heard I have not been getting much sleep lately, and they emailed me to inform me they had yesterday handled. They told me to take the day off, and I did! It was awesome. The only thing I did in regards to work was clean my bathrooms. Mike went to work so I took care of Jude all day including the pump. He did very well for me, and we snuggled a lot. When Jude would get fussy I would put him on his tummy, and he would do much better.

Jude was up and down again last night, but I think I am used to it. Plus he is to cute to be upset with.

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Anonymous said...

I love the walk in like you own the place, Thats your dear old grandmothers saying!!! LOVE IT!!!!