Friday, October 1, 2010


We are HOME!

I explained to my boss I needed to leave a bit early to go pick my boys up from the hospital. He was very understanding as usual. I feel so guilty having to be away from work. My co-worker Jenn who is also my friend is always more than understanding too. I know I use hours I have earned throughout the year, but I still feel bad. So I raced from work to grab Emily from school, and then raced to Dallas to pick up Mike, and Jude. Mike was ready for me to spring them from their PICU cell. When I got there Jude smiled at me so big, and Mike said "aw look he smiled, and he hasn't smiled!!", he was so happy to see me, and it melted my heart. Soon after Jude started retching horribly, and I was so worried. I didn't like it at all. I grabbed the suction unit, and we were finally able to get the situation taken care of. I was a bit worried about leaving at that point, but I have faith in our family.

Emily came with us to see Jude, and she dropped 12 Emily's Smile Boxes on the 6th floor of peds. When she saw Jude he looked at her right away, and seemed so happy to see her. Emily took everything in stride even Jude's retching episode. While explaining Jude's discharge paperwork I suddenly saw the nurse stop and say "are you dancing?" I looked back and Emily is doing some funky moves behind my back, she cracks me up.

The hospital really wanted a nurse with us tonight, but the home health care facility did not have one available. Mike assured them we would be okay, and they sent us on our way out the door. Jude did very well on the way home, and has slept most of the time he has been here. Sleeping equals healing so we are okay with that. We are watching him carefully, and are constantly checking his temp.

Tomorrow we do have a nurse coming from 8-2, and Sunday we have one the whole day. I feel a bit better that someone will be close that can monitor him. So I do have to tell you the sweetest story. We got home tonight, and a few minutes later our doorbell rang. Our neighbors ....... our sweet neighbors stood at our door with a pie in hand. They said they had been reading our blog (small world), and they were bringing us comfort food, and their own "Smile Box" for Emily. I was so touched! How nice of them to take the time to think of us, it made our night.

We are about to go to bed. I have been a ruffle of crazy feathers and stress this week, and I thank all those that put up with me. I guess sometimes we encounter times when we need to stress out a bit, but my stress seems to be recurrent so thanks to all those that put up with me.

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