Thursday, October 14, 2010

Middle school Mums

So Emily came home the other night letting me know that their homecoming is this Friday. All the middle schoolers go to the Friday night high school football games. I am sure this is more for social reasons than the game itself. Anyway, she proceeded to tell me she wanted a mum. I explained that when you have a date when you get older then you get a mum. Boy, was I wrong, and man how things have changed. It seems in middle school all the little girls sport mums their mom gets them. I thought Em was joking until I saw all the pictures from the parade of the little girls with their ribbons and feathers. If you are unsure what a "mum" is well my husband says it a Texas tradition where they hang awards on our children like prize cattle. That is fairly funny, and pretty accurate, but it's a fun tradition. I still have my mums locked away in my chest from high school. So I ran to Michaels yesterday, and picked up supplies to attempt to make my first of. I am sure, many mums. I don't think I did that bad, and Emily is super excited. My friend Jennifer helped me throw it together. It is rather ridiculous we spend money on these over decorated things, but again it's all in fun. I am glad Emily is having fun in school, and wants to participate in the activities they provide. I had a good time in school, and I want her to have fun as well, while she learns. So far her grades are very well, and she is even doing well in her pre-ap classes. I did trim the feathers back behind the bear, but here is a look at Emily's first little mum.

Jude slept through the night for the most part, or I just didn't hear him get up. I walked in there to check on him this morning, and the boy was sideways in his crib with his arms in touchdown formation. It's clear he was NOT dreaming about the Cowboys. Anyway, he had wet his crib again which is the third day in a row. I even got some nighttime diapers last night, but it's clear the new amount of fluid Jude is taking in is taking it's toll at night. Jude is doing very well regarding aligning his hands, and pushing his head up. His therapist was very impressed yesterday when she came to see him. I have noticed a recent spike in his seizures/spasms when I am talking to Jude. My thought is that Jude gets very excited when I get home, and it's over stimulation, therefore sending him into the seizure. We have also noticed some very large spasms before he goes to bed. This could be another issue with the Depakene vs the Depakote he was on, and his levels are dropping. He will be seeing the neurologist soon to asses the situation. The neurologist has also mentioned doing a sleep study with Jude, and another sleeping eeg.

This weekend we are having a garage sale at our house. I was immersed in clothes, and other items in my loft last night, and attacked all of it with price stickers. It felt good to clean out items we would no longer need, and I am not done yet. I plan on attacking more closets tonight. It made me realize that it's time to do some cleaning in my life as well. I was talking with my best friend in the world Ginger the other day, and she pointed out to me some eye opening events. I think sometimes we have to let go of people that do not treat us as we should be treated. Sometimes we just need to simply things as much as possible. I am obviously a very busy person between my home life, my work, my side job, and the charity. I have little time to deal with people that are inconsiderate.

On Halloween we are having our third annual haunted cemetery at our house, and we will be accepting donations to Emily's Smile Boxes. Right now our donations are so low that we are questioning if we will be able to pull off the Christmas box making party. So if you are friends, or family that know where we live than stop by with your kiddo's, and see us on Halloween. If they are to scared to come to the door, I will bring a lollipop out to them!

I am in a contest at work regarding life insurance. If you are in TX, and have thought about obtaining some life insurance let me know. The most under-insured possession in America is our lives which should be the top insurance product sold. Nothing is more precious than our lives. If you are not in TX, and do not have life insurance, or only have insurance through your work, please consider getting a policy, and leave your family in a better position.


sarah said...

just an idea for the crib wetting issue, if the night time diapers don't work. Someone told me about They have mattress covers, special sheets,booster pads for diapers and all kinds of stuff like that.

I am glad that you realized the it is OK to let go of toxic people. I had to do that at one point myself.

Dawn said...

go to and do a search on diaper booster. they are inserts that you put into the diaper. I have been using them for Tommy for over a year and a half because otherwise he wets through his diaper every night. You get 180 of them for 19.99 the bedwetting store will sell you the same thing 25 for 12.99 If you can't find them I will send you a pack to try. Let me know.