Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who is a survivor?

On my way to work today I was listening to a story on the radio about someone battling cancer. The lady was talking about her will to live, and what it has taken for her to survive. This led to in depth thought on my part about what people overcome in their lives. It seems some people are predestined to deal with so much, and some people skate through life without ever encountering serious issues. Who knows why this is, but I began thinking about all the stories of people I knew who have overcome so much. One person stood out to me today. We had a receptionist at the office I managed that had a large scar across her throat. I am one of those that would prefer to ask than stare {forgive my nosiness}, but she told me without hesitation. It was the old tale about someone crawling into the back of your car at a gas station......but it really happened to her. It was dark, and she got into her car, and someone was in the back seat. He made her drive to secluded area, where he raped her, beat her, and cut her throat leaving her for dead. Somehow she survived, and struggled to reach the highway where someone rushed her to the hospital. I remember sitting there with my mouth hanging open when she was telling me the story and hanging on every word. I listened to how she spent months in the hospital, her emotional recovery, and how at ease she is with the story now. She was thankful for her life.

There are many stories like this around the world. I know people that have survived deadly car crashes, a woman that was in the north tower on 9/11, children that have lost parents, and those with incurable diseases. So what drives a person to survive situations like this? Is it instinct? Because they have to? I am not sure the answer, but I can tell you one thing that they all say. They have learned from their situations, and even though they would prefer it never have happened, they have a better outlook on life because of it. I am not sure what brought on all those thoughts, but I was thinking a lot about my old receptionist today, and how unbelievable it was that she survived that attack. We all listen to stories like this with morbid curiousity, but I also listen to them with admiration for the person who overcame the situation, and their drive to survive.

Jude is well, but was very ornery with ECI yesterday. He has a new habit of throwing a screaming knock down drag out fit without tears if he doesn't get what he wants. So his therapist Leah explained she couldn't work with him yesterday, but she would be back on Wed, because he isn't getting out of his therapy that easy. Jude is also wanting to stay awake all day, and refusing to nap, which increases his irritability. When I get home he wants me to sit, and hold him all night until he goes to sleep. If I lay him down for one second, he starts his pitiful crying. I guess I better stop holding him all the time because it only reinforces what he is doing. He sure is cute though......even with a pouty lip!

Many of you remember my blog on Maddie Sphor. She was a bright, beautiful little girl, who suddenly and unexpectantly passed away. Her parents have taken their grief, and have started a charity. In fact it is similiar to Emily's Smile Boxes, but they help parents in the NICU with survival bags. I encourage you to check out their website at www.friendofmaddie.org. Not only do they provide bags, but they also help with finding lodging for parents which is wonderful. I would like to see Em's smile boxes eventually have enough money to donate to research for curing childhood diseases and eliminating strokes. Anyway, please stop by their site, and let them know Jude's family sent you. They could use your support.


Lesley said...

Oh, I battled the timing of naps & therapy for my son. It tormented me. My son also won't fall asleep without my "help" (me laying down with him or holding him). It frustrated me to no end that my friends told me I wasn't sleep training him better.

I hated trying to get him to sleep for 2 hours when he would have a short 30 minute nap!

And one day I surrendered. I decided that I'd just lay down with him to sleep for 10-15 minutes. Now at 2 1/2, it's sort of my favorite part of the day.

And, I sorta refuse to do any therapy or appointments now that is anywhere near a potential nap time. I've gotten bad like that. :>

cleon dann said...

i have not yet read your diary... but i love children... and u have got two very very sweet child...

cleon dann