Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fits, and school

Last night was interesting indeed. Jude wanted no part of being put anywhere but in my arms, he wanted to be held PERIOD. If you started to put him down his lip would quiver out, and his eyes would turn down to cry. I also noticed he was again a bit warm so I tried to administer some Motrin. The motrin set off a complete and total melt down on Jude's part that left us all trying to get him to breathe properly. He cried for so long, and so hard that his eyes were puffy, and his breathing was extremely rattled.

In addition to his complete melt down during the medication debacle he also had a melt down prior to his therapist arriving yesterday. He was so enraged into a fit when she arrived that there was nothing she could do with him. She told Jude he "needed to get himself together because she would be back later in the week". I am unsure if this is Jude being manipulative, being a normal toddler, or if this is some sort of sensory issue. I never know with Jude, and it's so frustrating at times. Last night we discussed possibly letting him "cry it out", but there is no way because we had the run in with his breathing issue, and that was a bit scary. Jude also had a few violent spastic movements last night, so we are still working on his medication levels.

Emily spent her last day of summer playing with friends until it was just to late to play anymore. They had a last night supper together, and they all came home smelling like kids that have been outdoors. She took a bath, laid her clothes out for the next day, and hopped into bed. Today she got up early, and was energized, and so excited. She carefully put her first day of school outfit on with pride, and bounced to me to fix her hair. She was my little punk princess in her cute hot pink skirt, leggings, and black shirt with funky zebra high tops. I knew she thought she looked cute, and I thought she did too.
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So we had to reschedule our meeting with the radio station because something came up. It actually worked better for us because unfortunately, I have a funeral to go to today. An old high school friends passed away, which is very sad. He was only 38, and his family is in my thoughts.

So if you would like to see an example of what will be in Emily's Christmas Smile Boxes, then please take a gander at this lovely picture.
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So lately I have been hearing a lot of negativity being discussed and I am unsure why. Maybe the heat is getting to everyone. Yesterday I read a comment from someone that had been posted on a website about how annoyed they were hearing about back to school talk. Granted there are many things that get on our nerves at some point in lives, but why do some people let ridiculous things get to them so? I tend to just walk past, scroll past, or ignore subjects that might get on my nerves. At some point life always hands us something difficult to deal with, so why not reserve your strength for that moment? Why be so judgemental?

Anyway, I will get off my soap box. Please say a few prayers for our friend Kendall she is back at Cooks, and I can tell her parents are exhausted. http://kendallbriggs.blogspot.com

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