Monday, August 3, 2009

Strollers, and the Holland Mafia

Well first off......Emily is home:
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I am glad she is home! That is my sister in the background with Jude, he loves his aunt "Chelle". Great news, Em received $300 in donations this weekend, and we ordered all her Christmas box supplies! She is so excited! She also is going to get to speak to a few churches in our area, and this should help her grow her business. I think I told everyone I had a dream the other night about her smile boxes. We were working out of a retail location packaging boxes, and shipping them all over the US. It was a very nice dream.

So Jude got to test out his big boy car seat this weekend, and he seems to really like it. We have not put it in Mike's truck yet, but we did let Jude try it out in the living room. He sat and watched an episode of Calliou while sitting in his seat, and seemed to be interested. He laughed a bit when they made high pitched noises.
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We also picked out the adaptive stroller for our little one. It's red, and black and will offer him a lot of support. We still have to pick the right bath chair, but Jude is moving along in getting items that will help him, and us.

So this weekend Charlie's mom is coming in town. You can see Charlie's story here: We are going to have a meeting in Dallas of families that have met via blogs with special needs children. I am very excited at the prospect of meeting Katy, and her son. She is hilarious, and has dubbed our group the "Holland Mafia". It's nice to meet other parents that understand what you have experienced. I look forward to their advice, and stories. Sometimes I unknowingly blank out when people are giving me advice, but I have definitely learned a lot from Holly and Jocalyn. I am very grateful to them.

I am very busy at work today so I have to cut this short.


Candace said...

I want to go to the meeting! I will have to live vicariously, I guess. Have some fun for me! Jude looks cool in his new seat.

Katy said...

whoop whoop! I can't wait!