Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A sippy cup full of supplements

So it was obvious I was pretty down yesterday, and I am attributing that to stress and lack of sleep. Last night Emily crawled in bed with me until Mike finished his movie. I began to drift off, and suddenly jerked myself awake. I am sure everyone has done that before. Emily said "Mom what was that??". I just replied "stress", and fell back to sleep.

I had mentioned in my blog that Jocalyn had suggested trying Pediasure. Jude is going to be one in two weeks so I decided we were close enough to try this. So I stopped at Tom Thumb, and browsed the pediasure and supplemental drinks. I decided on the new mom to mom brand, and picked up a pack of Vanilla. I also picked up an Avent sippy cup to see if that would make a difference. Once I got home we prayed this would work, and started getting everything together. I noticed prior to feeding him that Jude's color was looking a lot better, and he looked more alert. He had eaten very little that day so I just chalked this up to the antibiotic working. I took the sippy cup, and tried to give Jude some, and at first he resisted, then he clamped on, and sucked it down. He LOVED the pediasure, and I felt so much better. By the end of the night he had 8 ounces of the supplemental drink, and 1/2 a jar of mac and cheese down him.

He is still slow eating today, but he is doing better than he was. Mike called about an hour ago to tell me he had mixed 3 ounces of formula with 3 ounces of supplemental, and Jude drank it all. He still sounds a bit congested after he eats so we will watch that. Thanks to Jocalyn for the advice, and to all that contributed information. I know the G button is great for some, and would probably make our lives easier, but I prefer to avoid it.

On another note that hospital we took Jude to on Saturday where we had the issues called me today. They are going to follow up on what happened, and let me know the results. I asked them to please commend the nurses, and I thought it was brave on their part to stand up against the doctor. The lady that called was very nice, and her main concern seemed to be Jude.


Lori said...

You are a very brave lady and a wonderful mommy. There is an award on my blog I would like for you to have...Dare to be great award! You are a strong woman!

Thank you for being one of the rare people in the world who will Dare to be great!



Katy said...

Jennifer, I kind of want to kick your neurologist in the shins. Depakene is processed by the liver. When a child is dehydrated they tend to NOT process things and if anything have more drug in their system. You need to ask him about that.

I also want to encourage you to really start introducing Jude to a variety of foods--it sounds like his taste buds are kicking in. I don't know if you've ever tried formula, but yuck! Charlie went through a stage where he just didn''t want the bottle. We switched to a cup--MESSY! and supplemented with applesauce, jellow, and ice chips. I unerstand the stress of a child refusing to eat and it can be SO hard. Just keep plugging away trying different things--might find the magic combination of Jude foods.

Jacolyn said...

Grace was on pediasure for a long time but we now add duocal to whole mile, yogart, applesauce, everything. Medicaid pays for the Duocal and I think they will pay for Pediasure. Check in out.

mom2nji said...

So glad little Jude is eating better! Hopefully mommy can get some rest now!

Caroline said...

Ah, that's such good news. I know exactly how your feel about a g-button- it's one of my biggest fears :O(
Ps. I love the new slide

jocalyn said...

Medicaid won't pay for Pediasure...but it will qualify you immediately for WIC...have fun with that! We did it for Pediasure and now the KetoCal formula. But I have an enormous supply of pedisure in the closet to donate. Its yours! I agree with giving him more variety. When Kendall decided she was done with breastmilk, she was done!
Also, when Kendall's constipated, she wont matter what. Guess I wouldn't either.