Sunday, August 16, 2009

Watching Waiting

Between 10pm, and 8am we finally got about 7 ounces down Jude. He woke up about 3am, but at that time wouldn't take any fluids. He simply wanted me to hold him, and he was whimpering a bit again, and breathing fast. I held him in bed, and he went back to sleep in my arms. We slept together for awhile, but I never fully slept. I would catch myself listening for Jude to breathe rather than falling asleep. This morning he woke up, and seemed a little more alert, which was encouraging. Jude's neuro called earlier than expected at about 8:15 am, to check on his status. I really like a doctor that thinks about your child, and follows up asap. I explained that Jude's color looked a little better, he was still breathing a little fast, and we got 7 ounces down him. He said he would be okay with us watching him another day IF our pediatrician would call in some antibiotics. So I put a call into the after hours line to get a hold of Jude's primary doctor. After going through the nurse triage the doctor connected directly to us. Have I told you I love his pediatrician??? He listened to my entire story from yesterday regarding the doctor, Jude's high pulse right, the low blood oxygen, the opaque coloring on the X ray, the motrin helping, etc. Anyway, he is hilarious. He doesn't beat around the bush when he thinks a doctor has made a mistake. He deemed the doctor new, and wasn't happy that Jude wasn't treated. He pointed out we have a special needs child, a dipping blood ox level, an opaque coloring on an X ray, and said "Um he should have been treated!" He went on and on about the situation, and he cracked me up, but I will spare you the details. Anyway, he agreed to call in some antibiotic with the firm understanding that if Jude's color or breathing change in anyway, we call 911, or go in asap. I told him I understood, and truly appreciated his help.

Right now Jude is sleeping, and coughing a bit. We are waiting on them to fill the medication, and then we are going in to pick it up. The doctor said he is giving him a very high dose, so I am hoping Jude handles it well. He said it would be equivalent to what they would give him in the hospital, and he is using Ceftin. Em is sitting here watching MTV Cribs, and cracking me up with all her comments about people's elevators, and bling.

So basically we are watching Jude, and praying that he quickly recovers. I am thankful for the two best doctors in the world (in my opinion) who have listened to us, and followed Jude this weekend. We are also thankful for all our friends and family who have been checking on him.

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