Thursday, August 6, 2009

Therapy tantrums

So Jude's therapist came back yesterday because he threw a fit on Monday. She said she was not going to let him get away with crying to get out of therapy, therefore she made the second trip this week. Guess what? Yep, Mr. Jude threw another fit. She told us to work with him more than we normally do so he won't feel he can just cry to get out of doing work. I am noticing more of a toddler attitude in Jude with his fits, and crying. I have mentioned when I get home at night he doesn't want me to put him down. That has now extended to not even wanting me to hand him to anyone else. I gave him to his cousin Faith the other night, and he started the lip, and whimpering. Is it odd that I find this strangely reassuring that Jude is in fact making a bit of progress?

I should have some of the hematologist results back either today, or tomorrow. I am terrible when it comes to waiting on doctor reports. I try not to hound the office, but I always end up calling early. While waiting on my amnio results I was a nervous wreck! I know there is no sense in getting myself worried, but I tend to anyway.

Tomorrow night is the "Holland Mafia" meetup. I am excited to meet some fellow bloggers, and other moms that share insight into the special needs world. Sometimes I feel like I don't quit fit with others, or I am to loud, and opinionated. So therefore, I hope I mesh will with everyone, but I am sure it will be a wonderful time!! I am having Mike meet me at work with the kids, and we will travel from here to Dallas.

I am off to work, and waiting on a call regarding Em's charity. I am hoping we get great news today!

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shelley said...

hi jenn,
i hope things are doing better w/jude and his therapists! how did his results come back? how is emily's philanthropy coming along? and how was your group? hmmm wish we had a special needs bloggers group around here!
sending smiles,