Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My girl

My daughter was a funny character tonight, and kept me entertained. First, she decided she was going to help me with Jude's party. She brought out a CLIPBOARD with paper......... lol......... and wrote down everything I said. We decided on a nacho bar, with cute red/white checkered stadium type paper containers. We will set up meats, and vegetables to accent everyone's perfect nacho concoction. We will then set up stations for a hula hoop contest, making book marks, and make your own flower pot. The flower pots will be a representation of Jude!! We will then sing happy birthday to our little man, using the parachute so he can enjoy the song. So Jude' party is a go. I made the party from 2-6 so there is no pressure, and plenty of time for people to come and go. I figured that would make the day more relaxful. I guess the day is what you make it!

While making the nacho menu, Emily was trying to write down "guac" for guacamole, and wrote "waca" which created a huge laugh. She then got funnier as the night went on. During our discussion about the nacho bar, Mike walked in the front door with his loud boisterous voice. Emily looked at him, and said "Your here {with her hand over her eyebrows}, but I really need you here so I can work {and pulled her hand below her mouth}. I um nearly wet my pants!! Mike just walked out the front door to finish his conversation.

Emily and I then discussed her charity. Emily gets a bit shy when talking to others about the work she has done, so we discuss her project to get her more at ease. I told her that I heard from a charity today that could help spread the word about her project to the far corners of the nation. She knew who I was talking about {don't worry I will tell everyone soon} and she was so excited she could barely speak. So we then talked about how much joy her charity could spread if it became a far reaching project. Mike and I discussed needing an accountant, finances, and more. Emily simply looked at us and said, "Look all I know is I am helping other kids, and making them smile so that's all that's matters to me", and that's why she is so special and original. I simply smiled and repeated how proud I am of her.

So then I said,

Me: Emily if you could reach anyone about your charity to get help who would it be
Emily: The president {she doesn't play huh?}
Me: Um of the United States?
Em: Yep
Me: K, so what about meeting Taylor Swift someday and getting her help
Em: {thinking hard because she loves Taylor Swift} Nope the President!
Me: The Jonas Brothers?
Emily: The president!
Me: Ok ........... anyone else in the world!!!
Emily: Mayyyyybe my family in England...........but .......... nope .... I want the President!
Me: Well what would you tell him
Emily: "That children are not treated the way they should be, so they grow up to be bullies, and other horrible things because of that. Also, that we need to treat special needs children the same as regular children"
Me: I think that's a great message Em, and I think someday you will tell him



Candace said...

SO cute! I am glad that you are getting things together! I am sure you will do just the right thing and Jude will love it, in his own unique way!
We also do this thing every yr to mark all the people in her life and at her party. We get our fav. 5x7 pic and a matt frame(the kind with more room at the bottom and the pic at the top) and put the pic in it. Then we get all colors of glitter pens from the dollar tree and have everyone who comes sign the card w/ little well wishes and congrats. Then we frame it and hang it in the house. Usually, I just change out the pic and matt every yr and use the same pic. frame. Every time I look at it, I think of all the people praying for her. You can buy those mattings at Hobby Lobby for 2.99 but sometimes I get them 1/2 off.

andrea said...

awesome. aim high, em aim high!