Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miss TX and Jude

I took Emily and her cousin to watch the Miss Texas USA pageant last night and today. It was just a quick overnight trip but it was great to have a little down time. I love my family dearly, but I guess we all need time to regroup. The girls really enjoyed being together and meeting new friends. Emily's cousin has never competed before and is learning the ropes. She looked at me today and said, "I have really learned this is A LOT of hard work and people just don't get what goes into competing in pageants". She is a beautiful girl and has an incredible heart. I know she will have a great time this year. Here is a picture of she and Emily. I just couldn't find the right lighting for pictures this weekend.

After a great event it can be a long drive back to Dallas from Houston (ha). I walked into the house to Jude's alarms going off and to a letter stating the hearing for the nursing has indeed been rescheduled. I have no idea how this could happen. I am not sure how a child that's so sick, on continous feeds, on oxygen, using a pulse oximeter, needs controlled substances throughout the day, and more doesn't qualify for a nurse. I have no idea why they would feel the need to continue on with a hearing. I guess we are going to have to find the funds for legal help. I am still holding out hope that maybe this is a mistake and the doctor is still reviewing my packet, the five letters of medical necessity, and the 38 pages of nursing notes from our healthcare facillity. Maybe she hasn't gotten the response to the hearing officer yet? If Jude could function normally I would'nt be pushing this issue, but he is just not well. He needs his nurses.

I decided to just take a deep breath and continue to bask in the destress time I had. It was relaxing even though I got lost in downtown Houston and had two major panic attacks in traffic (bad ones). Anyone want to offer to drive us all the way to Houston in November? LOL!!!  My stomach was really hurting today and our little cousin said "Do you think it might be from stress?". Oh bless her little heart. She is probably right, but she shouldn't worry about those things. I just hope these girls concentrate on their goal and have a great time.

Here is to a great time with the girls, our friend making top 18, and to a positive week.

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