Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello 911............this is Jude's scared as crap mom

About 8pm I started charting that Jude looked rather pale and seemed to be struggling to breath. I hooked up his pulse ox and his 02 was hovering around 87. I put him on some oxygen and when that didn't work I gave him a breathing treatment. Soon Jude went into a full attack. He was toned out, heart rate high, but his 02 was dropping too. I was scared to give him Valium because it could decrease his respiratory more and he really seemed to be struggling to breathe right. I kept turning the oxygen up and then finally maxed out on 4 liters. I still was trying to keep calm and follow the normal protocol.

Around 9:20 things got scary. Jude turned white, his nails blue, he began shaking, gasping, and his whole lower torso seemed to be working to make him breathe. It scared the living poo out of me because he looked SCARED and terrible. I really thought he was dying in front of me so I called 911. By the time they got there Jude began looking exhausted and then suddenly his 02 came up a little. His heart rate started slowing down and Jude passed out.

We didn't know what to do. We wondered if we should transport or continue to watch him and call the neurologist tomorrow. Since Jude's stats recovered and he was sleeping we decided not to transport. The paramedics ran an EKG on Jude which showed the same sinus tachycardia. They recommended keeping his 02 on because his oxygen level would still fluctuate and dip in the 80's. They were very sweet. They praised us for being calm and advised that since we seem medically educated to understand that if something scares us so bad to call 911 to know there might be something serious going on. They said if it happens again then they are a call away, there is a fire station with paramedics 2 minutes away we could run into, and we could transport ourselves.

So they walked out and I left my calm self and burst into tears.

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