Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jude's adventure

Jude did get to come home last night and he was so happy that he got to sleep in his bed.

The home health van got there about 10:30-11 and unloaded all of his oxygen. They also taught us how to use everything. That consisted of me standing there a little lost and Mike soaked it all in. I know I will learn how to use it all just like I did the feeding pump and the other items Jude has.

Jude's respiratory rate was still a bit high when he got home from the ER, but his o2 and heart rate were pretty decent. Again we don't depend on the machine. However look at the difference before oxygen and after.


I think it just makes him feel more comfortable. I only had to get up with him once last night and reposition him. Granted it was pretty late when we all went to sleep.

So what's causing all this? We are slowly eliminating things to determine the problem. I think it's the Baclofen itself. I don't think Jude's body is used to it and it's causing his respiratory system to relax so much that it sends him into distress. Either that or the Baclofen is indeed leaking and they just didn't see it. Mike thinks it's because we aren't at the therapeutic dose of the Baclofen and therefore Jude gets so toned out that he goes into distress.

So we will see. I plan on checking on Jude in a bit and seeing how he is doing with Charlotte today.

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