Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To go back to the hospital or not go back..........that is the question.

So the neurologist called and basically they want to admit Jude. His nurse said that one of the diagnosis they are focusing on is Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome http://www.cardiachealth.org/postural-orthostatic-tachycardia-syndrome-pots .

They want us to either go in to clinics on Thursday and admit Jude through there or go through ER. Then he will have a host of tests done. We aren't sure we want to do this yet. So I am going to go home and we will talk about the best course of action. I do have a call into Jude's other neurologist at Dallas Medical City to see what he thinks.

So I MAY be looking for someone to sit with Emily and Jude Friday at Cook's. We will see. Emily also has a plethora of appointments on Saturday that I may be calling her dad in to help me with. Should be interesting making the poor guy sit through a hair and eyelash appointment........he might want to claw my eyes out after.


Reagan Leigh said...

POTS is dysautonomia....a common issue in kids (people) with mito!

Cjengo said...

I told my husband that same thing. I said of everyone you were probably the one that was correct!