Thursday, August 14, 2014


The cardiologist said he thinks Jude's heart looks good. He said it had a good rhythm. He believes the fast heart rate is being caused by an event in Jude's body. Whether it's tone, seizures, respiratory, or pain this is what's responsible for Jude's fast heart rate. So they are sending Jude home with a 24 hour heart monitor and then a 30 day event monitor. He said he wants to make sure there is no arrhythmia during the events. He did say Jude looks like he might have a enlarged aortic valve but that it could be normal for Jude. That's something he will check on in a year to see if it's stayed the same.

Overall good news, but somehow I am sitting here feeling frustrated. I keep waiting for a definitive answer on what's causing Jude's issues lately, but I am not sure I will ever get it.

Tomorrow he goes to the pulmonologist and to the neurosurgeon.

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Reagan Leigh said...

Sounds like dysautonomia...very common in kids with Mito!