Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trying to find the Rainbow

Jude had another hard night. He was so toned out that I had to give him Valium again, but it took a long time to kick in . He was just miserable. He vomited and it just wasn't a pleasant scene.

Mike and I finally went to sleep about midnight and I heard Jude gasping about 3am. I ran in there thinking he vomited but he was just toned out again. He was so hyperextended that his head was leaned all the way back into his pillow. So I adjusted him and went to lay back down. Only to have him vomit and I ran in there to clean him up. This was a repetitive process throughout the morning. So when my alarm went off I literally just laid there and cried. I felt sorry for Jude and I was just exhausted.

I know I have complained that we are all tired before but I have always said I would be perfectly honest in my blog. This is finally really taking a toll on us. It's affecting our work, it's affecting our marriage, and it's affecting our health. I cannot imagine what parents go through who have children in the hospital for years at a time.

So today as I finally got out the door all be it late, but I got out. I just felt down and discouraged. So I went to turn on the radio and I am not even kidding that the Muppets "Rainbow Connection" was playing. I literally burst out crying and laughing at the same time. So to whichever deceased family member decided to play that childhood song, thanks for the smiles. Since I was singnig at the top of my lungs I am sure I entertained my fellow drivers on the road.

Jude and I check in through ER tonight. It was take a few hours for them to get us to a room. I will post tomorrow after we see the neurologist.

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