Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scary incident again

Last night my adorable friend Gina L came over yet again and brought me dinner. She also stayed and we shared some wine as we chatted. Suddenly Jude started having what we call his "episodes". He once again became extremely toned out, his face became very flush, he was sweating, and he seemed very distressed. I counted his respiration's and they were very high. I counted his heart and it was very high. So I plugged in the pulse/ox. His heart rate was over 200. I wasn't very concerned about his o2 because it was holding steady. I gave Jude some Valium to try to get him relaxed and get his heart rate down. Then the 02 started dropping into the mid 80's. It took Jude staying on almost 4 liters on oxygen to keep his o2 just at 90. This entire process went on about an hour.

I explained the situation to Charlotte this morning. I told her I was close to calling 911 and she said she felt the same way the other day. I was truly worried Jude was going to have something happen to his heart. We just stayed calm and worked with him to get him back to normal.

He visits the cardiologist today and we will see what they have to say.

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