Monday, August 4, 2014

The update and NO hospital stay!

Jude does not have a catheter leak. He does have a spinal fluid leak.

When we got to the doctor Jude's heart rate was 166 and his blood pressure was rather high too. He was in full toned out spastic mode so the doctor saw first hand how bad he has been.  We gave him some Valium so he could have some X rays.

Per the X ray they cannot see a leak in the catheter. So they gave him a bolus of his medication and we will see how that does. He said if he continues this high tone then they will inject dye into the pump to see if there is a leak of Baclofen they aren't seeing. So he has two issues but the spinal leak should resolve itself. 

So basically it's another waiting game but we got to go home and we are VERY thankful for that!!!

Back to work tomorrow. If you need me I will be there.

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