Friday, October 29, 2010

XXL?? You must be joking...

So Jude's weekend nurse Allen has graciously offered to work from 1pm-11pm on Saturday so we can go to a costume party. I am very excited, but I think Mike feels I am dragging him out by his shirt collar. It will be good for us to get out, and go see some people we haven't seen in a long time. So I wasn't going to dress up, but I found a hilarious outfit.......well funny to me, and I had to get it. I was waiting closer to payday to go back to the store, and pick up the items I needed. So today I darted to the mall on lunch to make my purchase. I was very excited, and quickly walked in the store, and walked straight where I had seen my desired outfit. To my dismay I saw a tag that read XXL, and my heart sank! It was the ONLY one left, and I needed a medium......XXL wasn't even close.  I looked at the actual shirt, and realized that it looked really small to carry that large label.  
My conversation with the salesperson went something like this.

Me: THIS is an XXL?
Salesperson: You should have seen the XS!!
Me: I cannot imagine, what the heck did it fit?
Salesperson: A newborn

I cracked up! He then explained the costumes run very very small. So I grabbed my item, decided to wash it tonight to shrink it a bit, and headed out the door. I will post pictures from Saturday, some of you will "get" the costume, and some won't. I will have to count how many people guess it :)

Jude did very well yesterday. Charlotte said she took him on a walk. I forgot to tell her that every time the wind hits Jude's face he will laugh. She said he laughed the entire time they were walking. I miss hearing him giggle during the day. He is still having lots of spasms, but overall Jude looks good. That's a reassuring thing to say..........Jude looks good. whew! I hope we are able to keep saying that.

Mike may have gotten a lead on a job. His friend works for the Dallas Cowboys in their warehouse and shipping department. He let Mike know they are hiring for some position. His friend had a very nice job there, and Mike would probably just be at an entry level position. It's not what he wants, and he is overqualified for it, but I assured him it would give him the chance to work his way up. I am hoping something comes of this.

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Midwest Mommy said...

Hope you have a great time!!! Good luck with the job.