Friday, October 22, 2010

"I hate you", and a button blow out

I had a really good day yesterday, but last night was terrible! When you are on the phone all day for a living you really want some peace when you get home. My family was very talkative, especially my husband. It wasn't even really talk, it was just squealing, play wrestling, and noise. They were just having fun, but I finally just lost it, and then I felt terrible. I just wanted to watch Oprah for a few minutes without any noise.

After that semi melt down I had another one. Emily was behind on homework, and it was taking her forever to complete. She had been at play rehearsals, and then her friend came over to ask homework questions from across the street. That turned into them talking about other issues, which delayed her homework even further. It was not late, and I was now aggravated. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: I am thinking that after this play you need to take a break from plays for awhile
Em: (highly upset) BUT WHY??????
Me: because it's taken over your life. I know you want to do this Em, and it's important to you, but you are having a hard time balancing everything. You don't even have time to help with anything around the house anymore. Your laundry is stacked up, and more
Em: I do help, I cleaned my room
Me: Um Fleck cleaned your room, with you helping
Em: well I did the dishes
Me: You did them ONCE, and that leads to my next thing. I need some help around here, because I am the one picking up your slack. Your one chore while you are in the play will be to do the dishes when you get home. Just unload the dishwasher, and load it.

You would have thought that I told her she was just going to prison for thirty years. I mean fall down crying hissy fit. That led to the next words out of her mouth which left me stunned.

Em: and just what are you going to do
Me: (blinking in shock)
Em: looking at me like ....... holy crap I said the wrong thing
Me: Are you kidding me? I work all day to come home, and work again. I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I work your smile boxes, I make sure you have your stuff together, I tend to Jude, and you my dear are grounded for two weeks, and you may not even go to your first dance tomorrow.
(I was still planning on letting her go to the dance I was making a point, but then she got even more sassy)
Em: (rudely): You mean you would keep me from my first dance
Me: With an attitude like that, you betcha!
Em: I HATE YOU! (score I got my first I hate you........sigh)
Me: Emily I will tell you this ONCE, and only once, I said that to my mother, and the next day she died......and that's a true story.
Emily looked a bit guilty.

Emily then stormed off as the words from Eddie Murphy's comedy rang in my ears about his mother throwing tonka trucks! Later in the evening I decided to give Emily a big girl decision. I walked upstairs, and told her she could either be grounded for two weeks which means no phone, no texting, no going outside, and no computer, or she could opt not to go to the dance. She thought about it for awhile, and opted the two weeks. We already have plans for Saturday that we are committed to, but besides that miss priss is grounded. I love my daughter, and she is a good person, but boy she tried my patience last night.

So let's move on to Jude. Oh poor Jude, sigh. I was so irritated and had my feathers fluffed up, that Jude in turn got upset. He had been so good, and sweet in my arms, but the stress just got to him. So he started crying, and ended up falling asleep from being so upset. I then took him to his bed, and lifted him up over the railing. Suddenly he woke up crying, and I realized I had his tube from his button caught on the crib, OH MY. I felt so terrible. I laid him down, and I heard PFFFT and it blew out of his stomach. I yelled for Mike who came running in, and was in pure panic mode. Emily followed him, and they quickly got everything together. He sterlized the button, and with shaking hands he put it back in. It all worked out, but I cried, and cried, and cried feeling like a horrible mother.

I finally went to bed, but was pretty much up from a little after one. Jude was up, or the cat was up, or I was up.  I am exhausted! I am so tired I feel like I cannot function. I have gotten used to going without any sleep, but this is one of those days I might have to just give up. I might have to request to leave to go home to sleep. I can feel myself getting sick because my body needs sleep.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...


I have done that :( just a short time after Jeremiah got his I accidently pulled it out IN the hopsital. The nurses fixed it but I felt like the worse mom on the planet. Since that time (July 2010) we are now on button number 8! he has pulled some out, and the acid in his tummy blew some of the balloons. I still feel dreadful about the one I pulled out by accident with the crib rail :( He has a new kind now, wiht a mushroom on the end instead of a balloon that is suppose to stand up to ethe acid and be harder for him to pull it out. We will see1

I have a 22 year old daughter, daughters can really get to you! Praying today is a better day :)
PRAYING 4 a MIRACLE 4 Jeremiah

Nikki said...

I hope you're at home relaxing and having a better day!

Nikki from GA