Sunday, October 24, 2010

In my Pj's!

I am doing nothing today, and it's nice. I cleaned up my bathrooms, but besides that I have been on the couch relaxing. I needed it. Emily, and I are both still in our pajamas. Jude has been doing well today. He wants me to hold him the hold time, but I don't mind. He was up, and down again last night, but since I didn't have to rush to work it didn't add to my exhaustion. I have noticed more build up around Jude's button today. I have just been cleaning it off, and I will let the nurse know tomorrow.

Today I was suppose to go to a birthday party for some special little girls. They decided to have an Emily's Smile Boxes birthday party. Instead of receiving gifts they asked everyone to bring a donation for Emily's charity. They also asked me to order supplies so they could put together Smile Boxes at the party. The mom sent us enough funds for 36 boxes. We got all the supplies together, labels, boxes, and more. They swung by the house last night, and picked everything up. The parents were so nice, and told us to stay home, and relax today. They took care of everything, and are even dropping the boxes at Medical City later today. What a nice wonderful group of people! I really liked this idea, and I encourage more people to do this with their children.

I am keeping it short today, I just wanted to post a quick update.

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