Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Put me on my tummy

This is Jude last night.

As you can see, he wants to be on his tummy again. He gets very angry when he is on his back. He is also tolerating his stander more, and still hates his tomato seat. I need to find something Jude can sit in that has a tray. Any suggestions? He has his child rite chair, but he still leans to one side a lot, and loses head control. I am open to other suggestions from special needs moms.

So guess who woke up sick today? Yep, Emily, AND myself. I am so annoyed, I have no time to be sick!


Gilda said...

He looks like he is getting a good nap in, sorry you and Emily are feeling sick hope you feel better.

jocalyn said...

we tore apart out high chair (took the middle pummel out by yanking and eventually sawing it) and placed the tomato chair in the high chair. we then built up the foot rest with foam board. it gives her great support while in the kitchen with everyone.

we also have a tray that came with the kid cart. it gives the best support for her whole body, feet, head, and trunk. it broke a while back, so i had to rig it with the plunger of a syringe and super glue. now it works well.

the only way jude will gain head control is of he doesn't have a choice! The stander helped Kendall a ton because if she didn't hold it up, it flopped over...and we let her sit like that. (tough love i guess) same with her kid cart. we've never reclined it! we always make her hold her head up in it. sitting upright at first was rough, but she had to work for it!

i wish there was a magic chair that was the perfect fit...but i haven't found it yet!

Katy said...

I love the child rite chair, but several other parents told me that there's a fisher price chair that's better if your kids goes side to side.

Just is looking fantastic! Eye contact and sleeping on his belly--big stuff!