Monday, October 18, 2010

A needle in a haystack....

I have a lot to update, but it's been so busy it will probably take me awhile to finish this blog. Friday night I went home to get Emily, and her best friend Madison to their homecoming game. The posed for some pictures on the way out the door.

They had a good time, and Mike was nice enough to go pick them up from the game. Friday night my friend Fleck also stayed the night because we were going to have a garage sale the next morning. I was looking forward to a horror movie girls night in, but Fleck tackled cleaning Emily's room instead. Boy, was she in for a surprise. I kept telling her how messy my kids is! She learned this first hand, and I hope Emily respects what she did, and keeps her room tidy!

Saturday we sat in the sun, and sold what we could to passing strangers. I had a ton of clothes, and other items spread across many tables lining my driveway.  The nurse was inside with Jude, and he seemed to be okay. Judes seizures had greatly increase, and he seemed a little "out of it" to me. I would come in and out of the house checking on him. The nurse "Allen" was very nice, and would sing to Jude, and talk to him in the nicest voice. We have Charlotte during the weekdays, but Allen on Saturdays. Allen, and Charlotte are very similar, both very kind spoken, and just adore Jude.

On Sunday I had the scentsy party I mentioned, and then I had to go get Emily from her dad, and take her to get her Halloween costume. She has her very first dance at her school on Friday, and they have to wear their costumes. Emily picked a cute Alice in Wonderland outfit, which looks adorable on her. So to say the least, it was a busy weekend. On Sunday we noticed that Jude's seizures had increased yet again. We also noticed granulation tissue around his g - button, sigh! ( We waited until this morning to ask Charlotte about the granulation. She called the GI doctor to order some silver nitrate, and other special cleaning products for his button. He was healing perfectly, so I really believe the granulation is due to the button coming out. The doctor said he would put in the mini 1 if the mic key become a problem for us. He did not have the mini 1 on hand for the surgery. So we are going to watch the granulation carefully. Jude did have issues sleeping last night, he wouldn't totally wake up, but he tossed and turned all night long.We have been working more with Jude's head, but learned we cannot leave him in a chair or stander without support. He begins to choke, and that could lead to aspiration. He chokes pretty violently too.

So last night on my way downstairs my eye caught a small cylinder tube laying next to the railing on my stairs. I squinted to see if it was indeed what I thought it was..........yep it was...........

A NEEDLE!, A 14 gage needle to be exact. I about had a heart attack. What on EARTH was this doing on my floor??? Keep in mind it was late, I was exhausted, and my mind immediately went into panic mode. My mind began to recreate all these horrible scenarios. One being a new nurse (we had several coming in and out right after the surgery other than our regulars) sick of my son administering something they shouldn't. I began to sob telling Mike I didn't ever want to leave my kids again. Finally I remembered that our regular nurse had gotten into a box of medical supplies that our friend Anna gave to us after her daughter passed away.  It was in the top of Jude's closet which is next to the stairs. She was getting some bed covers because Jude kept wetting through his diaper. We assumed the needle probably fell out of there. The only other logical assumption would be it fell out of Smile Box donations, and I don't want to even think that. Regardless it made me feel very oogey!

When I picked up Emily from her dad on Sunday she was loaded with birthday gifts from his side of the family. She also came home with a singing birthday card from him personally. She decided to make her own lip synching video, which is hilarious. It just so happened to be my friend Fleck's birthday today so I left this video on her facebook, it's classic! It's a little mouse on the card singing this little tune.

She is such a ham!


jocalyn said...

that looks like the tool they use to put the g-button in. it comes home with you in the sterile box that the button came in!

jocalyn said...

ok...nevermind! looked at the picture bigger. that's a needle?!?!

MrsFought said...

We are having a granulation tissue issue with Matthew as well after the mic-key button. We have done three weeks of silver nitrate, but the stuff just keeps coming back!!!! I sure hope you have better luck!!!!