Saturday, October 2, 2010

an okay day!

The nurse arrived this morning at 8am sharp, and we loved her. She was very soft spoken, and very interested in Jude.  She seemed rather upset when he began to choke, and retch just like we are. She said she wouldn't like to deal with that alone as a parent, so she understands why we feel better having her there. He had many episodes of the retching today which is where is chokes, or gags like he is going to throw up, but cannot get anything up due to the Nissen. You can tell it's fairly painful, and so as instructed we continued his pain killers when necessary.

Mike, and I were able to get out for a bit today which was nice. We picked up the curtains, and shelving for Jude's room. Target has an amazing deal on white wire shelving for only $35 for the entire unit! We also found a rolling cart, that we housed all Jude's medicine, and various items in. My counters in my kitchen are finally clutter free, and the living room is no longer swimming in therapy equipment. It never was an issue, but it is nice that Jude now has his own space. His room is looking SO cute, and I cannot wait to show everyone the pictures. There is a part of us that understands Jude cannot see all we have done, but I believe he knows in his heart how much we have done to make him comfortable. I thank my family again for helping us get his room completed earlier than we thought we would.

Today Mike was light hearted, and happy. I think he feels such a relief that this surgery is over. He even openly said he was going to hunt for a job. We feel rather held back when it comes to Mike having a job because Jude still needs to get to his doctor appointments, and his therapy appointments. Regardless Mike seems inspired, and said he truly believes this surgery will help Jude progress. It was nice to feel at ease with my husband again, and to know Jude is feeling better.

I am hoping the retching, and choking stops soon. He is doing well with his continuous feeds, and is well except he needs a BATH! My little boy is stinky, and the wash wipes are no longer working. I am ready for the stitches to be out so I can put him in the bathtub.

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