Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween, our nurse, and sleep's a pretty big deal around our house. I love Halloween, and I love Christmas! We go all out for both. As I said yesterday we are planning a haunted cemetery at our house, and are accepting donations for Emily's Smile Boxes. Well for treats I ordered 150 awesome large swirl lollipops. I then ordered custom round stickers for the back that give Emily's website address, and say "spread a smile!". Well I had no idea the stickers were CLEAR, which doesn't work on the back of a swirl sucker. So Jude's awesome nurse sat there one day cutting our little squares of white paper to put under the stickers. She did all 150 suckers! So here is a peak at all the suckers, and goodies ready to go.

We are pretty lucky that we have found a great nurse that is so good with Jude. We actually have two great nurses that come into our house. We are beginning to feel more comfortable again, and like we aren't alone in this. We have people with experience that are so helpful, and we know Jude is loved by them.

Jude's button still has some granulation around it, but overall he is doing much better. He only woke up once last night, and then again about 6:30am. I felt a little more rested today. Honestly, for a few days there I thought I was going to pull a Lohan and just fall out on the floor. Anyway, I am happy for some sleep. Like I said we feel more comfortable.......more "normal" per say. I think Mike and I are both hesitant to feel that way because we wait for the "other shoe to drop", but for once I am going to breathe a little easier.

Emily's charity is still charging ahead full steam. We now have two schools who have adopted Emily's Smile Boxes as their student councils charity. One is the school Emily attends who is doing several activities, and then the other is a local high school. They are holding a car wash, a chick fil a night, and selling t shirts. We are very lucky to have such great supporters. I feel confident we will be able to fill the 400 boxes we were wanting to for Christmas.


Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, I'm impressed with those lollipops! My kids would go nuts for them.

Gilda said...

Yeah my son would go nuts too over those lollipops, what a great idea and your nurse she's awesome to do so much truly blessed with her Jenn. Sounds like your house is going to rock this Halloween! Have a Happy Halloween, sending Jude many hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Having met your nurse I can say that I have never felt such goodness and love like what I felt from her, she was put in your lives for a reason and we are all so blessed to have her with Jude, Kuddos to Charolette!!!