Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emily's birthday dinner in review

Happy Birthday to my darling sweet girl. I am so proud of my Emily! Last night was her birthday dinner, and my great family came out in support of Em. She was also joined by two of her best friends Addison, and Casen. We all joined up at Mi Familia a restaurant near our house, and enjoyed some great conversation. Jude however wanted NO part of the party, and decided to be the designated party pooper. He didn't want to be in his chair, and insisted Mike take him for several walks. Finally, I took Jude out of his chair, with his feeding backpack, strapped it over my shoulder, and held him. He calmed down after that, and Mike ended up leaving a bit early with Jude.

So in our lives we are occasionally blessed with meeting truly remarkable people. I have mentioned before that back in the spring Emily participated in the celebrity waiter gala in Dallas to raise money for a worthy cause. There she met Steve Carbone, or AKA Reality Steve, http://realitysteve.com/. He writes a hilarious blog covering reality TV shows. When he approached Emily asking her why she was a waitress at the event, Emily told him all about her charity. He was so impressed with what she was doing that he blogged about her, and raised almost $3500 in funds. In addition he has made every Smile Box making event since, and he even showed up to her dinner last night. Guess what the man brought her? An authentic David Garibaldi http://garibaldiarts.com/ painting from Las Vegas of Terry Fator with all his puppets. Emily's face in these pictures will explain how she felt about the gift.

The rest of the night went well with only a few mishaps. My little cousin Ransom spilled his drink all over Reality Steve. I felt worse for Ransom then I did Steve. There is nothing worse than being a kid and breaking or spilling something. We all remember those days. Everyone tells you not to worry, but you kinda slouch in your seat anyway. Then Em's friend Casen decided to move a piece of steak on the sizzling hot fajita skillet.......and yep burnt his tongue, bad! I felt so SO terrible for him. Mike proceeded to give him a hard time, and I told him to stop. He said he was just filling in what his dad would say. Poor Casen, we tried some butter, ice, and more. I think he finally felt better once he had a sopapillas.

Tonight we are just hanging out. One the 23rd I am going to take my girl shopping with her birthday money. She was very grateful to everyone for coming last night, and said she felt bad she didn't get to talk with everyone.

Jude was up and down again last night, and the cat.......well he may be roadkill after I get done with him today! He woke me up three times!

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