Thursday, October 21, 2010

The itsy bitsy spider.....

Can't fit up the water spout! EEEEK! I am not a fan of spiders, but they don't really bother me like scorpions do. I tend to believe they are here to eat mosquito's, and other harmful bugs. This coming from a person that was bit by a black widow, and sick for weeks! Anyway, so after our anniversary Mike and I came home to a nice size spider scurrying out from under his truck. I said "WHOA that's a tarantula" before I realized it was a wolf spider. So we went into the house, and I told Charlotte all about the big spider, and Mike, being a man, down played the spiders actual size. Charlotte left telling me she would look for my big spider, and laughed. Today she came inside and said

Charlotte: "Um your friend is back in the driveway"
Me: " My friend"
Charlotte: "The tarantula"
Me: "Ohhhhhhhh, he is a BIG spider isn't he?"
Charlotte: "Um yeah, I am taking a picture"
Me: "Me too so I can show Mike!"

So here is my creepy crawly resident:

Remember I am standing over him, and away.......that's how big this sucker was, shooo!!!

Jude was up and down from 3:30am. I am pretty beat today, but I am at work hunting life sales, and servicing policies.


Vicki Parr said...

Well, it's kind of hard to tell how big it is...we need something to scale it with such as....hmmm let me think.....your hand would be good! LOL!

Candace said...

We've had a few of those in the house! Yick! Once we had one run in the house and we sprayed it with bug spray and a million little babies came scurrying off their mother! Everyone in the house was up on the table in about two seconds!