Monday, October 4, 2010

Jude's room update

Here are some pictures of what we got accomplished this weekend.

I feel so much better now that everything is organized! I have all the medical supplies off my counters, and in a rolling cart. The additional medical supplies is stored on the white wire shelving you see (awesome deal at Target for only $35!). Right now Jude is still in his bed, but he will be receiving his sleep safe bed in a few weeks, and he will have his new.....well ebay.....campground bedding. Once we get everything complete it will be super cute. Right now I have the monitor turned up so loud that I can hear Jude breathe, and it's amazing we can sleep through it. The pump is very loud coming over the monitor.

So Mike told me he chatted with the neurologist at the hospital about Jude's condition. The neuro had received my message wondering about my platelet problem, and the possibility that the Birth control caused my blood problem, that in turn caused Judes stroke. He basically said they don't have enough data that this could for sure be the problem, but could it be........yes. He said (what I said)... that it isn't worth chasing an answer, and then he asked Mike if we were thinking about having more children. Mike explained he thinks I was asking more because I would like to be the data to help others, not because I was wondering about having another child. Although Mike said we did want to have another baby, but isn't sure we ever will. The doctor said there is no reason he would advise us not to have another, that the chances of this happening again could be increased, but the doctors know what to look for now. He also said more than likely everything would be fine. We still aren't sure we would ever travel down that path again, but it was an interesting conversation. One things for sure, if for some reason we did go that route, we would find the means to bank the cord blood. We failed to do that with Jude, and the stem cells could have helped, maybe.

Last night Jude started running a low grade fever, but I think it was because he was in pain and couldn't tell us. Today he seems to be doing very well, and Mike said Jude is even back to wanting off his wedge, boppy, or bean bag, he just wants to be up! Jude is suppose to get his stitches out today, but they may be coming out tomorrow. Jude has an appointment with the GI doctor that is in the same building tomorrow, so Mike is going to try to coordinate them together, because that is a long drive.


Reagan Leigh said...

Love the sign (especially since I'm a Baylor Bear)! Oh my gosh...that's so cute! I'm interested in seeing what you think about the sleep safe bed. I've looked at them online but I don't know anyone who has one!

Gilda said...

Hey, Jenn glad to hear Jude's snuggled in his room and you got some organization as far as the meds. I love the color and the bear sign on his door adds a cute touch.

Amber said...

Wow, what a fantastic job, and i love the color, same as my kitchen. The outdoorsy theme will be very manly in his new room. It also sounds like maybe Mike is getting comfortable with this new change, even making notion to the doctor about another baby. Good for him, and awesome for the whole family. Hope your all getting a bit more settled now with Jude in his new room, and hopefully a bit of weight off your shoulders.

Amber Skalicky,Iowa