Saturday, August 8, 2009

A wonderful night

I have little time because I am going to help get my sisters wedding invitations out the door. Jude, and Em are going with me so they can see the grandparents! So last night we met up with several other special needs blogging families. We met at a central location in Dallas, and we talked for hours. I learned SO much from them regarding equipment, therapy, wingbo swing, ABR, stem cells, and more. They were in town for a very expensive lesson in ABR therapy. We are so lucky that they are going to share their information with us, and I hope I can share that with some of my other special needs mommy friends.

I will post lots of pictures, the links to their blogs, and more on Monday. We missed those that couldn't join us, and I thank those that were there. Sometimes my life travels fast, and I don't communicate the way I should to let others know how much I appreciate their input, and help with Jude. By the way, I also learned how lucky I am to live in the great state of Texas. I may complain about our mounds of paperwork, but the assistance we receive for a disabled child is WONDERFUL compared to some other states. I am very very thankful!

I cannot wait to share the pictures!!! Have a good weekend all.


Katy said...

So great to meet everyone is person! Can't wait to see the pictures. . . Have fun with all your wedding shower fun!

Erin said...

Agreed. It was so nice to meet you guys. I can't believe Fletcher was the old man of the group!

Mara said...

what a great opportunity ! it is very nice to get the chance to meet someone you have only spoken to on line : )