Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend update with Jenn

Sorry I didn't not update all weekend, it was honestly crazy. On Saturday morning Emily, myself, and Jude all went to have our hair done. Yep, Jude got his very first hair cut, and my husband called me Delilah the rest of the day. Here are some pictures.

A happy Jude prior to putting his big boy cape on:
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Getting his cape on and starting the cut:
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A little mad at Ms. Kim
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All done!
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I have mentioned that my hairdresser Kim relates to our situation well because her younger sister was in a terrible care wreck that caused a traumatic brain injury. So she really took her time with Jude, and worked with his lack of head control. Mike's friend Kevin owns the salon so they refuse to let us pay, and in turn Mike does work for them. It's so great! Emily even got big girl highlights, and Kevin personally did the honors.
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In the end they both looked adorable:
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Jude ate pretty well this weekend, but his seizures have greatly increased. He even woke up out of a deep sleep last night with one. I believe this is due to the change in medication from liquid to pill form. Since Jude is now eating the pedisaure well I am wondering if we should switch back to the liquid, and put it in the bottle.

My friend Jennifer allowed me to read her copy of "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. I am grateful she allowed me to borrow the book because with my schedule it takes me weeks to get through one. Although, as I read this story I find myself constantly running to Mike to read him excerpts that relate to our life. Last night I read the excerpt "It takes only thirty seconds to realize you will be canceling all your plans, erasing whatever you had been cocky enough to schedule on your calendar. It takes only sixty seconds to understand that even if you'd been fooled into thinking so, you do not have an ordinary life". PROFOUND, and so true! I had to read that one outloud, and Mike just shook his head in agreement. I think read the comment to him about how you cannot sit around waiting for someone to get sick or die, you have to continue living a normal life.

Throughout my life I have always wanted a little fish pond in a garden wherever I lived. I thought I would share what my husband put together. Someone was throwing out some flagstone, and he was able to pick it up. It made me very happy that he put this together, and I just love it!
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Tomorrow I have a meeting with the radio station I mentioned regarding Emily's Smile Boxes. I am afraid out Christmas boxes are on backorder so I don't have a box to actually take, therefore I am taking the contents minus the box. I hope they will be able to picture what they will actually look like. I am a bit nervous, but Mike is going with me, and so is Jude. Emily has school, but we have promised to relay all her information properly.


Purple Quilter Queen said...

He looks so handsome! Not that I didn't LOVE his curls but he looks like such a little young man now! Em looks good too. Highlights are good!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I love the hair cut!!!! They both look so cute!

Candace said...

Jenn! He looks like a big boy! I can't believe a little ole' haircut could change so much! Gosh, it is cute! Glad everything went well!

Caroline said...

Omg how cute does jude's hair look! Xxx

Katy said...

Wow--he looks so much like your hubby now!

Good luck with the radio station thing!!! fingers crossed!!!

Colleen said...

Cute Kiddo' the new look!

andrea said...

he looks all grown up! love the haircut, and the new fish pond.

Rich said...

I like your haircut Jude...