Friday, August 21, 2009


Last night went fairly well which is great because we needed a night to relax. I do have a funny story, about last night when I got home. When I walk through the door from work I always hug Emily, and then pick up Jude. In my mommy voice I coo at him, and give him big hugs. Normally he will smile, and squeeze me when I pick him up. Emily will laugh at how much he smiles, and then we all sit down. Last night when I picked him up he smiled, but then whimpered, and smacked me in the face! I figured this was just an accident due to his Cp, but then he did it again and harder. I looked at Emily and said "I think he is hitting me on purpose". Emily rolled her eyes and very nonchalantly said "I told you he had been pulling my hair!" So after getting smacked two more times I grabbed Judes hand, and firmly said "No sir, you don't hit.". He looked at me..............and smacked me again. Emily laughed, I put Jude down. My little baby is having toddler tantrums.

Last night I made a bottle 1/2 pediasure, and half formula, and even threw in some rice cereal. At first Jude struggled and did not want the bottle, so I held it out a bit from his face. Jude kept trying to put his mouth around the bottle, but I would not put it in his mouth. He finally got frustrated, and latched on to it, he then drank the entire 8 ounces down quickly. Mike had gone to get groceries, and when he got home I said "Guess who ate 8 ounces with formula and pediasure?". He said "you?". Smarty pants!

Tomorrow is my sisters bridal shower at my house. I am hoping things go well, and that Jude does well. His fever is 100% gone, and he seems to be feeling better. He is eating a bit better but it is a struggle. So I guess our roller coaster is again coasting level.

I have not heard back from the radio station on Em's boxes, but I hope to soon. We have all her Christmas supplies in except the boxes themselves, but they will be ready to fill. We are starting to fundraise again to replenish her supplies once the Christmas boxes are delivered. We will be attending a function in Dallas where we can sell items to help her cause. If you know of anything that can be contributed just let me know. We can use new items such as crafts, etc.


Lisa said...

When you say sell items, do you mean garage sale type or new auction type?

Cjengo said...

Hey girl. New ;). I have someone coming that sells Scentsy, and then if anyone else has jewelry, etc that they want to send I can use anything like that. Chocolates, candles, crafts, etc.

Midwest Mommy said...

I am just giggling here picturing him smacking you. lol, oh he's a cutie.

andrea said...

when aaron stopped eating, i started giving him pediasure. then, boost kid essentials came out. it has more vitamins, more fat, and more nutrients than the pediasure. i figured i would try to get as much into him as possible. i immediately saw him gaining weight. i have tons of $5.00 coupons off 2 boosts if you would like them.
i am glad jude is feeling better, and that he eats better, also.

Katy said...

He's probably just trying to touch your face?!?! Charlie sticks his hands in people's mouths when they greet him--well, his mawmaw, my husband and I.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Hi Jenn! I just gave the 96 boxes of crayons to Susie to give to Jennifer to give to you. So glad to help out Emily with her Smile Boxes!