Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few updates, bunnies, and rings

A few weeks ago I won a copy of "All the Bunnies" from Max and Ellen at If you are not familiar with the book it lists stories from families living with special needs siblings, children, etc. It is geared towards estate planning for special needs children. This is so their siblings do not take on full responsibility both financially, and emotionally after their parents pass. The first story in the book was so touching to me that I read it out loud to Mike, and Emily last night. At the end of her story she listed rules she lives by now, and I smiled as I read them. They included treating others with kindness, treating the disabled as respected humans, and finding something to live for and focus on. I agree 100%, and she also said the impact on siblings living with disabled brothers, or sisters mostly depends on the families dynamics. I couldn't agree more with that too. Although we have little financial resources anymore we have put into place an arrangement if something should happen to Mike, and I. So thank you to Ellen for sharing some great stories with me through "All the Bunnies". My little bunny makes me smile everyday!

Second item I received from someone was from Nick emailed me about my blog and PR. I do not use Jude's blog for that purpose, BUT it was rather ironic he emailed me. I had to tell him a story which I will share with you. When Mike bought my wedding ring it was just beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. It was an antique style white gold ring with a beautiful modest diamond in the center, and sapphires down the side. It wasn't a large ring, but it was perfect for me. I wore the pretty ring with pride, until my finger started breaking out. I figured it might be cleaner, soap, or a variety of issues, so I tried everything in the book, but it all failed. I finally took the ring, and my finger in to a jeweler to ask what the problem was. It was a classic case of being allergic to the nickel in the white gold. That's right folks.........I have a beautiful wedding ring, I cannot wear, and neither sale for what it's worth. So I have sported different rings from simulated ones that look like mine, and more. One quirky thing about me though is I am not a huge fan of jewelry. I love to look at it, but when I wear it I tend to take it off throughout the day. So a big flashy ring isn't important to me at all. So Nick at Tungsten Wedding Rings sent me this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It's plain, it's perfect, it's me! Thank you Nick! I now have something that is mine, and I can wear all the time!!! Also, they have wonderful men's rings on his site.

So last night I had the best time with Jude. When I got home yesterday I looked at him, and made a decision. I told myself that I know in my heart that Jude will never be able to live on his own, but that I have confidence he will do MORE than expected. I prayed over him.........yep I did. It's been awhile, but I prayed that Jude would be able to hold his head up, sit up, use some words, and eventually walk. I prayed for those specific things. I felt better after I prayed like, a weight had been lifted off of me. I am a christian, but I have had issues with people pushing religious reasons for Jude's issues on me. {FYI-It doesn't make me feel better}. Anyway, last night I relaxed, and I enjoyed Jude's company. I had him "dancing" with Emily on the bed, and he giggled. He then kept keeping his head up like I have never seen him do before. I kept telling Mike that he was keeping his head up, and Mike kept blowing me off saying "He will when he wants to". Although, later that night Mike was holding him on his legs, and he got tears in his eyes saying, "Look at him Jenn!". I just said "I know!". Here are some pictures.

Jude starting to lift his head:
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Jude: Has his head up
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jude: Head started to fall, but he caught it, and kept it up
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jude: Keeping his head up in his high chair {before his dreaded bath last night}.
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I would also like to thank Sarah for making Emily a new logo for her Smile Boxes.
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I have not heard back from the radio station that contacted us yet, but I know they are so busy. I am really hoping the more Em's charity progresses the more we can help others.


Cass said...

Oh man, I'm just smiling big over everything in this post. Jude's doing so well, that ring is beautiful and so proud of Emily.

Keep up the great work!!

Ellen said...

Hey. I am so glad to hear you were inspired by the book, but I am ECSTATIC to see these photos of Jude. That is some great head control. And he is just the most handsome little guy.

I just got a big rush of happiness for you!