Thursday, August 27, 2009

Did you know we herd cows?

Last night we relaxed a bit. Emily studied the history of our city for a project she is doing, and informed me all about past events. Then Mike, and I watched, "I love you Man", while I held Jude. Jude was a happy little camper that he was being held, and cuddled for so long. Although, while holding Jude I noticed his toenails were a light shade of blue. I crept my hand up to his fingernails, hoping they were not the same color, I was disappointed! There were a few that were the same shade of blue, and one that was even darker than the rest. I rubbed Jude's hands and feet to get his blood flowing, and wrapped him tight in a blanket. I checked his nails about twenty minutes later, and they had pinked up. I am unsure if this was another aspiration issue, the lung issue, or if he was just chilled, whatever it was I didn't like it. I have already called Mike this morning asking him to check Jude's nail color,and currently they are fine. I sometimes wonder, if since some disabled children wouldn't be here without medical intervention, if life doesn't find some other way to create issues to try to steal them from us. That is probably a random thought, but it has crossed my mind.

Jude has already gained 10 ounces since he started the pediasure, so it is doing the trick. I will post a few pictures of my new chunky monkey, and also a visual on his tantrums. This is just because I laid Jude down on the bed, notice there are no tears.
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and a second later he had stopped crying, but he looked like a member of the mafia that was going to beat me up.
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Emily has started back on her schoolwork, and was studying about our city. Turns out our city was known for it's "cow herding", really? Could it not scream Texas any louder? So she was researching how to draw a cow.
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Also, one of our friends is back in the hospital, and her little brother was hunting a smile box the last time they were in. I was heartbroken to think he may be back there again without a smile box, so we are shipping him one. That led to us offering to ship individual smile boxes upon request. Please check out our great labels that Corpies printing donated to us. Our boxes look very snazzy, and Emily is so thrilled! The boxes have large labels for the side, and a small label for the top. I truly appreciate Corpies assistance in getting this completed. We also had an old friend of mine call and offer the use of his trailer for the Christmas Smile Box delivery, and he is even having a magnet created for the side of the truck. Last night while we put together the smile box I am shipping off today Emily took her time looking for the perfect stuffed animal. I pulled out a maroon teddy bear with a green ribbon, but could tell from her expression that was unacceptable. I then held up a large frog, and Emily assured me that was much better for a boy!
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So this morning I got up with Emily to help her get ready for the bus. Generally we get up pretty early, and after she hops on the bus I still have time to lay back down, and snuggle with Jude. The little boy across the street normally comes over to get Emily, and they walk down to the bust stop together. This morning he never showed, so I sent Emily over to ring his doorbell. There was no answer, and suddenly I saw the large yellow vehicle looming around the corner. Emily took off down the street so she could be picked up, and I stood there wondering what happened to her friend. I came back in the house, and locked the door, shut off the light, and headed back to my room. Suddenly I heard the doorbell, and I knew immediately who it would be. I opened up the door, and there stood Casen with his bottom lip stuck out, "Did you miss the bus" I said. "Yep" he replied, and he looked rather worried. I told him I would grab my keys and we would try to catch up to the bus, but suddenly Mike came out of our bedroom scooping up his keys. Mike took Casen all the way to school and I know that made Em's friend breath a sigh of relief. Mike came home, giggling about how worried Casen was, and I hugged him for being a good friend by taking Casen to school. Mike said "I told him to tell Emily he ran all the way to school". More poor little gullible daughter will probably believe him.


Michelle Gross said...

You and Mike are such amazing parents. Jude and Emily are so blessed to have you as their mommy and daddy.

Love Jude's new haircut and please tell Emily that it sounds like she had a super cool outfit for her first day of school!

Cjengo said...

Thank you Michelle ;)

Katy said...

I think that are kiddos are more prone to circulation issues because they don't move their bodies as much. Charlie is better about this now, but when he was smaller his toes were always cold. I'd pump his legs for him and of course, kept him wrapped up.