Sunday, August 16, 2009


Our great pediatrician did get Jude's medication called in. We had to go to several pharmacies to get the prescription filled because there was a back up from the manufacturer. On top of that the insurance company wouldn't approve the fill because it was named brand vs generic...sigh.

We gave Jude the medication with little complication, but he would not take a bottle afterwards. Although, despite our best efforts Jude is just not eating. The 7 ounces have come and gone without much more. I got him to take a 1/4 jar of apple delight, but he will not take fluids unless I squirt it in his mouth. I even broke out the sippy cup tonight, and dribbled some apple juice into his mouth, and rubbed his throat to get him to swallow. So what is this? Is this residual effect of being sick, the beginning of a failure to thrive, something neurological. I HAVE NO IDEA! I don't know what to think.

Jude has an appointment with his neurologist Tuesday, but we are unsure he will last without medical attention until then. If he eats tonight we think he will be okay, but if he doesn't Mike will be taking Jude into the hospital tomorrow. The last time he had an IV of fluids he started eating normally again, we can hope this happens this time. I dread the thought of him having a feeding tube.

We are so at a loss, and so torn as to which direction is the right path to choose.


Megan said...

Thinking of your whole family and praying Jude gets better soon!

andrea said...

:( So sorry and sad to hear that jude isn't 100%.

I hope that he started to eat, and that he is smiley again!

I pray for him everyday.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh baby boy! Praying here.