Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a funeral, and some prayers

As I sat there at Kyle's funeral I began to feel a bit panicked feeling. I looked around the chapel that was all to familiar for me. Old memories of loss, and grief began to creep up my back like ants crawling on my skin. I have buried many friends, and family members at that very cemetery, including my mother. The chapel never seems to lose it's familiar smell, and the stained glass beaming out of the hole in the wall never changes. I swallowed hard, and contained my feelings of being so uncomfortable.

I looked around at all the sports memorabilia, and listened how Kyle was an avid sports fan, and a collector. I heard all the great words that everyone had to say about him, but it was his mother I ached for. I watched her turn to her family during the video montage, and you could tell she was crying. How sad, how heart wrenching.

I had just seen Kyle a few months ago, but I was not overly close to him. I had arranged a get together for old friends at a local establishment. When I saw him we hugged, and we all swapped old stories. We laughed about good times when we were young, and we chatted about current times. We all took pictures in many different poses but, the issue of Kyle's health never arose. I knew he battled a disease after high school, but I never knew it returned. I could tell he didn't look well, but I attributed that to the prior battle he had fought. It turns out that little did any of us know Kyle had been fighting a battle for a really long time. Even many of his close friends were a bit shocked. So cheers to the man I used to hang out with, may he rest in peace, without any pain anymore. I will only remember Kyle with fond memories!

I am not sure why mothers lose their children, but it seems a crime. Those in the world not affected by profound grief cannot truly relate to the despair you feel when you lose someone so close. I pray for you that have escaped that horrible feeling will never feel it. Even though Kyle's funeral was sad, most funerals are. I remind myself how his short life touched many others, and wish him the best on his journey.

Now, since this week seems to be engrossed with horrible news I would like to ask for some prayers for a fellow blogger, and friends. You would think being told that your child has a problem with their brain would be enough, you would think losing one child would be enough, but no fate always throws more blows. So please send her some words of encouragement I am sure she could use them http://honkeyplonk.blogspot.com.

Now tomorrow I plan to get on here to report I have received good news from someone. I expect to hear 100% positive news, because today has been a doozie!

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Caroline said...

Rest in peace Kyle.
Thank you for your kind words Jenn