Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well there went the blood pressure

Oh my stress level is overloading. As mentioned Jude's feeding tube was becoming clogged. Last night Jude was screaming in pain and I searched for the source of the issue. I tried medications, I unwrapped the oxygen meter, I re positioned him, I tried it all. Then suddenly I looked at his feeding pump and a feeling came over me to pause the feed.  Jude stopped crying........so I tested it three times to insure this was the issue.  Each time Jude would cry and then stop crying. I also noticed Jude's tummy looked a little distended. So I turned the feed off! I wasn't sure the mechanics and how the pressure could be building inside but I knew somehow his pain was related to the feed itself. So the tube is officially no good. Luckily I had set up an appointment for today to have hospice transport Jude downtown to Cook's Children's to have the GJ tube replaced. I had even checked with the hospital to see if Charlotte could be Jude's escort if I sent her with a letter giving her full permission to treat Jude medically and make decisions on his behalf. So I packed Jude's little backpack last night and Charlotte got there bright and early to make sure Mr. Jude was ready to transport. She would give him all his feeds, breathing treatments, dress him, and more. So I went on to work. 

Then I got a phone call from Charlotte who said hospice couldn't transport Jude. In his condition Jude has to be suctioned on a frequent basis and Charlotte would have to sit next to him. There was not seat next to Jude in the van they brought. They have transported him before so I have no idea why they sent this type of van. So I just sighed and thoughts quickly rolled through my head making deductions and selections on the next moves I needed to make.. Mike had an interview at 1pm, I had a doctor appointment for myself at 11:30, and I sure didn't want to ask off work again. I called Mike............I am sure he could tell I was stressed. WHY was I so stressed? Shoot it was Charlotte there actually dealing with Jude...........but I was..........I am on overload. I cry easy, I stress easy.......I am tired. Anyway, I told Mike the situation and I told him I was calling to reschedule the appointment. I called radiology (they guide the tube in) and explained what happened and they consulted a doctor and moved Jude's appointment to 1pm. I then called and cancelled my appointment with my doctor for the blood pressure check.....it's off the charts today anyway. I then called Mike back to explain that I would take Jude to the hospital at 1. However, Mike said his interview was rescheduled and he would come get my van and take Jude. Charlotte will ride with him in the back to make sure his oxygen is on and he is suctioned. 

When I got up this morning. I saw this sweet little face. 

Notice his color is better and he is smiling. His cough is still pretty bad and he had oxygen issues yesterday evening, but he looks much better to me! 

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His colour is A LOT better