Friday, March 27, 2015

A good day turned very worrisome

Yesterday coach Jason Garrett came to see Jude at our house. He was so kind and brought Jude an official helmet that he signed personally, a Jersey that Jason Witten signed, and a football from the team. It was a great day.  Jude even had really big smiles for the coach! 

It was a great day until mid afternoon. Jude began coughing uncontrollably and Charlotte had issues getting him under control. From the time I walked in from work I had the same issues. Suddenly Jude spiked a high fever and his color turned ashy grey so I called hospice. When they got here they said two things. Either this is nearing Judes end and he is having temperature control issues or he has probable pneumonia again. They went with the later. Jude is now on antibiotics and a steroid. I got up several times last night and at 4am Judes color was still terrible. When I checked on him at 7 he was gasping but his color looked better. I turned him to the right and I got some smiles. So we just hope we caught it early. If it's early enough then the oral medications will work. On top of this Judes feeding tube is becoming fully blocked again and therefore we will have to get him to the hospital to change it. I just don't think he is well enough to transport right now.

Providing his situation improves I will be at work around 10 today. I want everyone to know while I am there I work hard and try to provide you the best service possible but I am human. I appreciate your understanding during this stressful time. If you ever have issues on your policies just call and let me know. I will do my best to remedy the situation and again I appreciate your patience.

I didn't announce anything last night about Jude because we wanted everyone to remember yesterday as a good day with good memories. I have pictures to go with this blog but they won't post from my phone. I will add them later so be sure to check back if you read this blog this morning.


Gracie Woo said...

May GOD Put his SHIELD of PROTECTION Around Jude & keep him SAFE Healthy & Happy!! May God BLESS his beautiful SOUL :)

Gracie Woo said...

May GOD put his Shield of Protection Around Jude & may he keep him Safe Healthy & Happy!! May God Bless his Beautiful Soul :)